Choosing a make up artist for your wedding? The experts lowdown.

Having anxiety overload about your make up for your wedding day? 

You want to look camera ready although don't really like having your photo taken? 

Picking the right make up artist is key to allaying these fears, so that you can sit and relax with a cheeky glass of bubbles on your wedding morning and let the professional take the strain. 

Image Gingersnaps Photography

Image Gingersnaps Photography

Today I'd like to hand over the reins to the very talented Victoria Farr, make up wizard and all round top lady who is an expert at easing those wedding day nerves.  She will guide you through some top tips to consider when booking a make up artist.



Image Story Of Your Day

Image Story Of Your Day

"Any good and reputable Make Up Artist will have expertise in product knowledge and what will be just right for you, longevity in the make-up lasting from morning until midnight, how it will photograph and help advise on skincare ensuring this is in tip top condition for the big day. Unless you have a direct recommendation for a supplier, it’s tricky deciding where to start when choosing the right person for you; friends and family, wedding blogs, department stores are a few suggestions, but let me help you with a few pointers;

• A big one is - what is their make-up style? Some ladies excel at the ‘Instagram contoured look’, some prefer to keep the wedding day look, light and pretty. Think about what your style is.

• Being in a creative industry, one person’s style is different to another, so research their portfolio on their website, not just on social media. Check their work matches your expectations for your wedding day style.

Testimonials – what are their previous brides saying about their work.

Are they insured? This protects the bride as well as the artist in the event of the unexpected.

• What are their terms & conditions on working together and do they have a contract that can protect all parties. It’s super important to find the right person for you, make up is such a personal thing, do your research and ensure you sign a contract and pay a booking fee to secure that artist, so there are no unpleasant surprises ahead.

Much love Victoria x


Of course I'm going to recommend Victoria, but her advice is for everyone, whomever you book.  There are lots of great make up artists out there so I'm sure you'll find the right one for you, who'll make you look and feel fabulous, your best version of you!

Thank you Victoria and I'll be back next week.

Harriet x