Me stuff - Juggling mishap

Did you read my last blog post?  It's conclusion has been somewhat prophetic.

"In answer to the frequently asked question “ How do you manage to do everything?”, the honest answer is, I don’t but I try my best, and with always will try to. "

When I started this blogging malarkey I promised myself I wouldn't miss a week and last week (and this to a degree) I've broken that promise, however It isn't without good reason.

In wedding and millinery world this is crazy time.  Ascot next week, along with copious other race meetings, coupled with peak wedding season madness means that something has to give, other than my sanity and health.  For me this has been my blogging and admin but I'll be climbing back on top of things next week, that's a promise I'll keep.

Until next week!

Harriet x