Harriet was absolutely wonderful and she was able to interpret exactly what I wanted before I really knew what I wanted myself! I would highly recommend her to anyone!!


“Harriet’s ideas and suggestions were far better than my own and she knew instinctively why the pieces I was originally looking at would not suit me and picked up a piece that I would never have looked at. But then when I tried it on - ’Bingo’ - that was the one! Harriet knew this immediately - fantastic!”


“I would highly recommend her work as not only is she talented she is also a wonderful and kind person who helps all of us nervous brides.”

Hello. I’m Harriet, the creative force, maker and jack of all trades behind "By Harriet", no fancy story behind the name.  I’m a practical sort of person who just loves making things, so it seemed apt.

What’s “By Harriet” about?  

That's simple, “You”!  

I can help navigate through the accessory choosing maze, whatever the occasion.  These aren't the sort of things any of us wear every day so it can be daunting, I get that, so I help and reassure. With over 15 years of experience and great instincts, the knowledge and advice I can share with you is invaluable.

Your dream design may be lurking here already, if it needs tweaking, no problem, all orders are made from scratch so just let me know what you need.   If you are looking for something altogether different get in touch and let's discuss your bespoke design ideas.

I’ve tried to keep things clear and simple, and answer routine queries.  If you need to ask anything, don't hesitate to get in touch and I’ll help. 

If this is the part where you hoped to see me waxing lyrical about all my inspirations, detail references to designers who you may or may not be familiar with, and bore you with the story of “my journey” and achievements.  I am happy to share all of that and more besides and these tales and plenty of other great advice can be found on my personal blog posts, for those of you who are interested.