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Help, I'm a mother of the bride and I don't like hats!

What do you do when you believe hats don’t suit you? You’re a mother of the bride whose daughter is getting married and she wants you to wear one but you don’t. Does wearing a hat or headpiece fill you with utter fear and dread? Don’t panic

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Feather boleros, wraps, jackets & capes. Stay warm at an autumn winter wedding

Are you a bride getting married in the autumn or winter? Do you dread shivering in the cold whilst having photographs taken? Are you worried about chilly grumpy bridesmaids or frozen flower girls? Perhaps you’re a mother of the bride and you don’t want a coat over your dress but don’t want to be cold either?

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Ines, L K Bennett- Wedding outfit styling advice

The great dilemma that faces most of my millinery clients is simple… “What should I put on my head?”. The dresses and outfits are generally an easier choice, after all we wear clothes every day but headwear is a different matter. In these posts I try to demystify the process.

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