How to choose a bridal hair accessories

How do I choose my bridal headpiece?  There is so much choice.

What sort of wedding hair accessories will suit me?

Tiara, hair comb, hair vine, hair pins, bridal fascinator or birdcage veil?

If you are at the start of this hunt and feel the” overwhelm” don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  There’s such a vast array of options and suppliers out there it’s natural to wonder where on earth to begin.  It always amuses me when I read a designers “bio” when they talk about how they began their bridal hair accessories business as they couldn’t find what they wanted to wear for their wedding.  I’m happy to see other designers thriving, it’s great for brides, but lack of choice hasn’t been an issue for at least the last 15 years or so.

Working with a specialist designer (like myself) can greatly short cut this process for you, making it a joy not a chore, ensuring you get the right bridal headpiece for you  first time, rather that rack up some potentially costly mistakes en route.

So enough waffle, let’s get down to the things you need to consider…

  • Where are you marrying?

  • What time of year?

  • What time of day?

  • How many guests?

  • What is the theme or vibe of your wedding day?

  • What is your personality?

  • What do you look like?

  • How are you wearing your hair?

  • Are you wearing a veil?

  • Do you have any jewellery you are wearing that needs to be taken into consideration?

  • What is your dress like?

  • Do you want something that you can adapt to change your look?

  • What is going to be practical and comfortable?

I bet you just thought you needed to decide between a tiara and comb, if I didn’t loathe the phrase then “lol” would be apt at this point.

So, let’s break this down briefly so you get a better idea,  these are all things we cover if you work with me, with my own ideas thrown in for good measure but if you are sailing solo here goes.

Where are you marrying?

A castle or the beach, a swanky 5 star hotel or the village hall?  All great options but what you want to wear on your head will vary determined to a degree by the venue.  Accessories can transform one dress many different ways.

What time of year is your wedding?

Midsummers day or mid- December?  Sparkle is a sure fire winner during festive season (and of course at other times too) but you may be looking for something lighter or more floral in the summer.

What time of day are you getting married?

A late wedding will probably determine that you wear the headpiece from start to finish with nothing changing.  Brides marrying early  are often wanting some way to change their look, perhaps removing a veil and adding a comb, having a detachable birdcage veil or swopping fresh flowers for evening sparkle.

How many guests will be at your wedding?

If you have 80+ guests you are likely to want to choose something that can be seen at a bit of a distance, slightly more of a statement (this doesn’t have to mean over the top) whereas with 20 guests at an intimate celebration you are likely to want to keep hair accessories low key, or perhaps just to focus on jewellery.

What is the theme or vibe of your wedding day?

Boho or Barbie, festival or fashionista, there are a whole range of options to consider that are a good fit with different styles.  You are unlikely to want a regal tiara for a boho tipi celebration. 

What is your personality?

This should be pretty self explanatory, I think is important to establish, whether a bride is really an accessories person or going through the motions as they feel it’s what they should be wearing because they are a “bride”.  It’s so important to be yourself on your wedding day and self expression through accessories, is key to this.

What do you look like?

Tall, you won’t want to wear something high that will make you tower over your partner on pictures.  If you have a “finer” or “pointed” nose, avoid anything that is central with a pointed peak.  If your face is rounded, don’t wear a tiara narrower than your face.  If you’ve a long face ensure a tiara wraps around the sides rather than sitting at the same width as your face and creating an illusion of elongating it further.  These are just scratching the surface, this is where working with an expert can really make a difference.  I’ve been doing this over 15 years and whilst a good part of it has been instinct I’ve learned an awful lot, having worked with almost 2000 different brides, each with their own quirks and requirements.

How are you wearing your hair for your wedding day?

Up or down, short or long? Coiffed by a pro or you are doing it yourself?  All perfectly great options but you just need to ensure that what you choose is going to be practical to fit.  There are lots of options available and by having something made for you, pieces that you thought may not work in your hair can be adapted with concealed tricks to secure them, that aren’t available in the premade wedding hair accessories.

Are you wearing a traditional veil or birdcage veil?

Does the piece need to wear with it?  Will it replace the veil when removed?  Will it be worn in one position whilst the veil is in the relocated after the veil is removed?  These are all options and things I’m happy to chat through.

Do you have any jewellery you are wearing that needs to be taken into consideration?

Perhaps you are wearing some heirloom jewellery that should be the focus and just need some decorative pins, perhaps you want some borrowed heirloom piece like grandma’s brooch to be wired in to a headpiece for the day then removed afterwards?  Anything is possible, just ask.  I’ve incorporated rings and brooches (intact to remove afterwards) and converted necklaces in to tiaras.

What is your wedding dress like?

If your dress is highly ornate then you may be looking for something simple.  If it is a very high neckline then you’ll probably be looking for something more discreet, or to wear around the back.  If it’s very stark and modern, you won’t be looking for a girly tiara.  A gown can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion but your decision should take in to account all the factors already discussed.

Do you want something that you can adapt to change your look?

Perhaps a headpiece with a detachable birdcage veil?   A hair vine that moves from the front to the back.  Perhaps removing a tiara after the day time and some pins for the evening?

What is going to be practical and comfortable?

Whatever you choose it needs to be comfortable and practical.  Of course if you opt for a big statement you’ll know you are wearing it but so long as it is properly fitted and secured you’ll be able to get on with your day and ignore the fact you are wearing it.  Once accessories are in place you should forget about them and just enjoy your day, you shouldn’t have to worry about them falling out.  I’ve lots of tricks and tips to help with this so just ask.

If I’ve made that sound scary, honestly it isn’t don’t worry.  It’s second nature to me now and after a few minutes chat I can make some great recommendations for you.  My biggest piece of advice would be, not to buy your accessories at the same time as your dress, as an excited after thought.  The brides who do this invariably come an order an alternative when they realise they hadn’t really thought about what they wanted, they’d just got swept up in the dress moment.

Happy accessories hunting!

Until next time

Harriet x