Starlet, red carpet style glamorous bridal hair accessories

Where to start for my first post in the “Design Story” series? The latest collection, the earliest, or my favourite?

I’m going back to the beginning, or at least sort of.  I’d been creating and making for years before I designed a “Collection”.  To me (at that time) it seemed a very grown up, pretentious sort of thing to do.  Only “proper” designers did that, I just created one off handmade pieces, but one day I decided to change things.  Welcome to the first official collection from By Harriet.



The collection launched as the demand for “Bling” and “Sparkle” was starting to soar.  I couldn’t keep up with the demand for diamante based pieces so it was a "no brainer" to combine it with my love of the old Hollywood movies and the “Starlets” of the silver screen, after whom the pieces are named. I'm a true film geek, Casablanca and Gone With The Wind are two of my all time favourites.

DESIGNS - Sparking side tiaras & bridal hair combs

It was important to me that these pieces were fun, affordable and glamorous, with options for brides and bridesmaids alike.  The pieces are designed to make the wearer feel sophisticated and as though exuding the glamour of a bygone golden era.

There are bridal hair combs and also bridesmaid sized combs, hair pin sets, perfect tuck in a bridal hair up do, and of course the ever popular side tiaras.


I mentioned earlier that new friendships were founded through starting my “Collections”.  If you’ve looked at any of the credits on my website you will see several names appearing repeatedly.  This was the first time I met and worked with incredible photographer Ally Byrom and fabulous make up artist Victoria Farr. 

These shoots always sound fabulously glamorous and the end images do nothing to contradict this perception.  The reality is always a tremendous amount of work, planning , laughter, indignity and definitely not glamour. 

The “Location” or wall, was the dining room at Ally’s. 

The “Gown” involved fabrics, bulldog clips and all manner of inventive solutions, topped off with some of my feather wraps and faux fur pieces from my ready to wear items. 

The beautiful “Model” was fashion student Abbie, who embraced the challenge and was simply fantastic. 

The results still include some of my favourite images and we were lucky to get them snapped up and featured on the fabulous top wedding blog, Love My Dress.

In short the day was a learning and bonding experience and one that set my business heading in a very positive direction, but more importantly collaborating with these incredible ladies has introduced me to friends for life!


These pieces have all stood the test of time and are still best sellers. I love making “fashion forward” pieces too but those that are a little more timeless endure.  "Starlet" has had really great press coverage (including 3 front covers), which I’m thrilled to say, is still on going.

Lots more to see on the "In the press" page

Lots more to see on the "In the press" page


I can’t let this post end without giving another brilliant photographer a shout out too.  Rebecca Robinson is an absolute blinking superstar. How she hasn’t lost her patience with me yet, I’ll never know.  She loves me “rocking up” at her studio with a box of pieces that need white background product shots (NOT).  Anyone who has tried to photograph ivory/white pearls, delicate silver, ivory feathers etc on a pure white background with no shadow, will have huge sympathy with her.  Thanks Rebecca!

If you are looking for these sorts of product images I can't recommend her enough.


"Collections", why didn’t I do it sooner?  My diverse designs confused both me and my potential clients.  This change in direction opened up whole new business, creative and friendship worlds for me.

I have many more collections to share with you so why not subscribe and stay tuned.

Harriet x


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