Design story....

Tomorrow I launch a new series of blog posts entitled as you may have guessed "Design Story".

In this series I'll introduce you to my “Collections” one at a time.  I’ll try and explain in writing the thoughts and ideas whirling round in my head at the time and how the whole thing comes together.  I’ve not tried to do that before so we’ll see how that ends up!

The “Collections” make up the backbone of my bridal work. All pieces are handmade to order, I don’t have piles of premade stock awaiting distribution at the click of a button.  I see them as an introduction to clients of ideas, the pieces can be replicated, customised or simply be a reassurance that I have a good range of skills that can be gainfully employed in creating bespoke pieces.

My shoots are simply one way of styling these pieces, I love seeing the different ways these pieces are used by others on catwalks and in editorial. 

Well, that's all for now folks!

Harriet x