Jardin, the ultimate bridal flower headpiece


Every now and then we creatives are lucky enough to hit gold and create a much loved and enduring design.

Today I’d like to introduce you to “Jardin”, one such hit, whose popularity continues a pace, despite her impending 10th birthday!

Image Ally Byrom Photography

Image Ally Byrom Photography

Jardin is a little bit of a conundrum as I’m not sure whether it is specifically bridal piece or not, currently it sits in my Impressions Collection under bridal but I’ve made variations for many wedding guests and race goers alike.  The design brief was for a romantic headpiece in ice cream colours, perfect for an English country garden, which I think I pretty much nailed.

(Yes that is me, I got conned into wearing it for my photo for a magazine feature)

Image Innes of Hessle (Journal Magazine)

Image Innes of Hessle (Journal Magazine)


Although the English country garden was its’ inspiration, in reality its' adventures have taken it to foreign shores, with orders travelling to New York, Tuscany, Australia, South Africa, and to Venice for a wedding during Carnival, amongst others.

Image Shaun Taylor Photography

Image Shaun Taylor Photography

As with every piece I create, there are multiple variations, I don’t think I’ve ever made any 2 the same.  There’ve been butterflies and ribbons added and plumes removed.  It’s been made bigger, it’s been made smaller, brighter, monochrome etc.  The permutations have been endless, perhaps this flexibility has contributed to it’s longevity.

The secret feature of the piece is the removable birdcage veil, it’s the first time I created a detachable veil but it certainly wasn’t the last, it’s become a regular requirement for giving brides greater flexibility to change their look as the day proceeds.



It isn’t just brides and guests who’ve loved the piece, she’s had more than her fair share of editorial adventures, including her first one on a magazine cover, a beautiful image which I still love to this day.  Who can’t fall in love with all that gorgeous Wisteria?


There isn’t a lot else to say really, these spotlight posts are more about looking back and sharing gorgeous photographs.

Until next time!

Harriet x