Are you a short hair bride? Are there bridal hair accessories for short hair?

“I can’t do anything with my hair for my wedding, it’s too short”

“I’m growing my hair”

I’ve lost count of the number of brides I meet who say things like this. What is it with people thinking brides should have long hair?  People seem to be conditioned by glossy magazines, wistful sunkissed Instagram and Pinterest fodder and aspirational blogs.  If hair isn’t a long, flowing, wavy, loosely, tousled mane or swept up in manicured glory to an elaborate up do, then they won’t look like a true “bride”.


short hair.jpg

Your accessories should be about your style and personality.  The length of your hair should never determine your choice of accessories, there are plenty of options for everyone (though obviously a comb or pins won’t stay in a pixie crop). 


Short hair doesn’t just dictate that you have to wear an Alice band, which of course may be the perfect solution for you, however the options are much wider than that.  I’ll break down some of the options for you to consider, I can’t promise this is exhaustive but it should be food for thought.


These are the wider satin cover bands, fabulous with 50’s birdcage veil looks or with the Dolce & Gabana style chunky bejewelled creations.


These can be worn two ways. They can be tucked under the hair with a side embellishment  or birdcage veil (many of the hair combs can be mounted on bands, don’t forget everything is made to order so the options are limitless). This gives the illusion of a comb.  Alternatively the band can be embellished all the way across for a narrower headband look.


If the hair is too short to tuck underneath the hair (extremely short), then the band can be covered in velvet ribbon to tone with the hair colour to sit more discreetly.  The embellishment options are the same as with the uncovered metal band.


These soft circlets sit comfortably and securely around the head and don’t need securing in place, a really great option if they work with your aisle style.  They can be worn across the front of the head or nestle further back on the head.


This is a solution that I’ve used on vines.  Instead of creating a vine to pin in, I can mount it on a narrow single wire circlet that sits hidden under the hair.  If required the wire can be wrapped in embroidery thread to match hair colour.


A narrow, invisible elastic can be used to secure a vine or forehead piece, so long as the weight of the design isn’t too heavy.  These pieces could also be secured with a ribbon if that is more in keeping with your style.


If hair is long enough then Kirby grips can be used to secure vines in the hair, of they can be delicately embellished with beads and used for subtle accents.



Take a look at these gorgeous ladies, each embracing being themselves for their special day and all looking splendidly bridal!  Short hair wasn’t an issue, not in the slightest.

Explore the galleries for more details and credits.

If you love your short hair then embrace it and be yourself, you don’t need to morph into a stereotype just to get married.  If your partner knows and loves you as the short haired you, then that’s who they want to marry.  You want to look back at your photographs and see the real you, not somebody that you changed yourself into for the day then had a haircut to return to you afterwards.

The beauty of working with a designer (like me) is that there are solutions that you won’t find on the high street  or with ready to wear pieces available online.   What are you waiting for?  I'm here to help!

Until next time

Harriet x