Head wear for the mother of the bride and groom

By Harriet isn’t just about the bride, half our customers are ladies attending weddings, the races or other formal occasions, but especially Mothers of the Bride and Groom.


Choosing a hat to wear as a member of the bridal party is different to choosing one to wear for the races or as a guest. 

You will do a lot of kissing and hugging, which, invariably equates to big brim disaster. 

Your appearance after removing the headpiece will also still matter so hat hair or big forehead indent are best avoided with lighter fitting pieces.

If your brim is too big, your face will be hidden on photographs.  I’m often greeted by whoops of delight at this prospect until they realise that their daughter or son will want to look back at their photographs and see their face.

Image Joel Skingle Photography

Image Joel Skingle Photography

“Hats AND fascinators don’t suit me”

My answer to this is you’ve not tried the right one.  Something that suits one person can look hideously wrong on another.  I’m here to help you navigate through this minefield, that’s the benefit of working with someone experienced who can offer one to one advice.  There is something for everyone, it's just working out what.

“I don’t like hats AND fascinators, I just want something really small”

I hear this a lot!  These are items we aren’t used to wearing every day and some people just need reassurance.  If reassurance is not the way forwards (and I don’t offer false reassurance) I sometimes suggest no headwear and steer towards some fabulous statement jewellery or a shawl or something instead.  If someone is desperately uncomfortable it will affect their mood and demeanour all day, and it just isn’t worth being that unhappy on such a happy day.

"Does it have to be big STATEMENT HAT? I'm not A typical mother of the bride"

A smaller fascinator can be elevated to special by some exquisite beading or sparkle.  Elegant pared back more sculptural designs can have more impact than a cloud of fluff.

Don't channel Eliza Doolittle unless it is a huge "Doo"

If the wedding is small, a “My Fair Lady” confection is going to totally over shadow the bride.  You will always be a focus of attention and rightly so, but you are not the central one.

"I just feel overdressed and silly"

Remember, if you try a hat on whilst wearing jeans of casual clothes they will invariably feel “too much” but remember once you are all dressed up with your hair and makeup done, they will make a lot more sense.

How will I know the headpiece is right for me?

I find the best criteria of assessing this (apart from the blindingly obvious does it look right criteria) is how little the client fiddles with it once they’ve popped it on.  This is something you’ll be wearing all day so if it is annoying you within seconds it will drive you to distraction after a few hours and you’ll without doubt, end up taking it off earlier than planned.  If it's right, you'll wear it with confidence!

Image Marianne Taylor Photography

Image Marianne Taylor Photography


Clients nearby

You are warmly welcomed in our home studio.  Most clients bring their outfits, shoes, bags, sometimes jewellery, in fact pretty much anything that they want to have taken into account when they choose their headwear. 

Clients at a distance

Not a problem,with approaching 15 years’ experience in making headwear for ladies whom I’ve never met in person, I’ve got it sussed though It does require good communication, and cheeky questions about dress size, build and height.  Seeing a photograph of you, helps me visualise what styles will suit. When it comes to colour matching clients send me alteration offcuts, spare fabric from outfits that are being especially made, or when neither of these are available, a reel of cotton works best.

The rest of the questions are relevant whether I meet the client in person or not, and they are similar to those I’d ask a bride.

I try to get a sense of the personality of the client. I want to create something they will be comfortable wearing. An introvert lady will never feel comfortable in a peacock show piece.

I try to get an idea of the size and scale of the wedding so that the headpiece works for not only the wearer but also the occasion.

Once I’ve made your order, you’d collect or I’d post to you, if any alterations are required then not a problem at all, I want it to be right for you.

Image Jamie Burrell

Image Jamie Burrell

I hope I haven’t made this sound over complicated, it really isn’t and it never needs to be.  I am here waiting to help so just get in touch if I can help or if you’d just like a little advice.

Harriet x