Hello - A little bit about me.

Well hello at last! 

This first blog post is long overdue, I’ve  always hated writing and have never considered it a strength.

That introduction has probably broken every “How to write a good blog post” rule, but hey, I don’t care anymore!  I’ve read too many pieces of advice.  I was well intentioned and wanted to get things right, so much so that I ended up paralysed and overwhelmed with how to proceed, thus making no progress at all.

I’m finally throwing caution to the wind and making it up as I go and I’m hoping I’ll improve as time goes on.  That’s pretty much the story of By Harriet too.  I’m self taught, I’ve created my own methods, as well as researching and learning more traditional ones. I find relying on strong natural instincts, ultimately produces the best results.

So for those of you interested here is a little bit about me and my background, I think this is what I’m supposed to impart to “bond” with my clients…. Oops, those rules are taking over!

I’m Yorkshire born and bred.  I grew up in Halifax, (the eldest of 4) before moving to University in Hull, where, just before my finals, I met Chris, my husband.  He was in Hull with work and originally from Harrogate, the Yorkshire roots deepen.  We now live in Hessle, a few miles west of Hull (home of the Humber Bridge) with our 2 children.  My son lets the bizarre mayhem of the Wedding Industry wash over him, he is so chilled and calm.  My feistier daughter loves and hates it in equal measure.  She does prove very useful as a head model when I’m trying to figure out the flow of a piece and need to see it nestled in hair from all angles, the scowl on her face though when she’d rather be doing cartwheels isn’t one for Instagram.

I studied Art at A level but then went on to do a degree and post grad diploma in Business, before returning to my “arty home”  after 13 years in retail and corporate worlds.  Those experiences were undeniably useful to me in running my business, but I would never return.  I love what I do now, it’s rewarding, enjoyable, frustrating, difficult, demanding and many other things all rolled in to one.  Self employment is not an easy option, but if you aren’t afraid of being tested and putting in the hours, it’s worthwhile.  It’s allowed me to combine doing something I love with the flexibility to raise my family.

When we married in 1998, I made my tiara (my first creative headwear endeavour) and that sowed the early seeds that started to grow over the coming years doing odd bits and pieces for friends.  By Harriet was established as a part time hobby business in 2003 and became my fulltime occupation and livelihood in 2006.  I’m sure there’ll be a more detailed version of this story posted at a future point in time.

In short I see myself as a friendly, practical, no nonsense, hard working sort of person.  I’m sometimes quite shy and reserved then at other times confident and in my element.  I think I’m highly logical and my partner in crime, Sara, (more about her on another post) understands me perfectly so it must be true, but my husband I know completely disagrees.  I love and appreciate beautiful things but I’m not really big on gushing about them in a fluffy way, it doesn’t feel like me when I try and use that sort of frou frou language.

I’ve probably waffled on too much, I’m 40 words over the “600 word rule”.  Now this is blogged, if I follow the dreaded “rules”, I need to post regularly and indeed I intend to do so. 

If there are things that you’d particularly like me to cover then just shout, I aim to please and I’m here to help.

Until next time!

Harriet x