Choosing A Bridal Fascinator




Have you decided what you plan to wear in your hair for your big day or is it still a matter for debate?  Perhaps I could help you weigh up your options if you may be considering a millinery headpiece rather than the traditional hair accessories worn with a veil.  I don’t just make tiaras, headbands, hair combs, hair pins, hair vines etc.  Using my millinery skills I offer a beautiful range of bridal fascinators, cocktail hats, decorative birdcage veil headpieces and statement headwear. 



Before answering this question I should clarify that there are exceptions to every rule, every bride is an individual but for the purposes of blog posts like this I can only speak in broader terms.  Ok, with that disclaimer out of the way, here goes.

In my experience there are broadly speaking, 5 different types of brides and weddings where the bridal fascinator works well and suits the wearer and occasion perfectly.  Let me introduce you to some of my past clients  to illustrate.


Shaun Taylor Photography

Manhatten has got to be the ultimate city wedding destination, what a fabulous back drop. Have you ever been? I loved it but would love to revisit. The Jardin fascinator was the ultimate romantic finishing touch for this stunning bride and her Suzanne Neville gown.

(From left to right (or top to bottom if you are on your mobile phone)

The Petite Jardin was the perfect fit for this beautiful Italian bride for her intimate promenade wedding in Verona (the home of Romeo and Juliet). Gorgeous and romantic but also practical and comfortable for her to move around in and wear outdoors.

 This uber elegant lady chose the Diana birdcage veil headpiece for her chic and stylish city wedding in Rome. Such a stunning elegant understated gown was a perfect foil for the dramatic veil, just perfect.

The Petite Jardin was also the fascinator of choice for this lady for her city wedding, I think it was in Sheffield but the memory isn’t what it was. It would have been wrong to cover the cowl back, and back necklace with a long veil, the birdcage veil headpiece works perfectly.

(From left to right (or top to bottom if you are on your mobile phone)

This beautiful bride ordered a bespoke fascinator for her wedding. She wanted a piece that echoed her coloured sash and gold jewellery and referenced her Sinagpore roots, for her elegant wedding at the Hurlingham Club in London.

Although you can’t see in this black and white photograph this brides knee length dress was stunning. It featured a vibrant coloured purple fabric on the reverse of the ruffle which was reflected in her flowers. She chose the Vivienne fascinator in ivory to complete this stylish city look. I think she looks stunning an remains a firm favourite of mine after all this time.

Finally, the last city bride selected the Nina birdcage veil bow fascinator, it was chic, sassy and stylish and perfectly fitted the vibe and look for her cool but fun urban wedding.


These brides all rocked 50’s inspired vintage tea length dresses and I love the way they are all so different and individual. It proves that whether you are at a pretty barn accompanied by your pup in the west country or rocking your stuff in front of Anish Kapoor’s Bean in Chicago, collapsed on the steps of a town hall or at a summer garden party wedding, the birdcage style fascinator definitely contributes to the fun of the day.

Clockwise (if on a PC or a slightly different order on a mobile but I’m sure you’ll suss it)…

The Milly spotty bow birdcage veil, next, the Nina bow birdcage veil, third the Betty veiled pill box fascinator and finally the DIana birdcage veil.


Whether you opt for an ivory gown or a smart outfit for your wedding, it is your wedding day whatever your age and the circumstances and most brides still want to wear a headpiece but for my “older” (I’m not saying old) brides a tiara and veil option is just plain wrong. They invariable haven’t got long hair to dress with combs or pins, and they are often more confident in themselves and a bridal fascinator headpiece provides the perfect finish. They can transform pretty and girly in to ladylike and elegant.


The stunning lady in lilac flew in from Dubai (I think it was) for a smart city ceremony in Edinburgh. The lady in orange opted for a very small and intimate affair in Brighton, just themselves and 2 guests. The lady in peacock and tweed had smart ceremony in the beautiful university town of Cambridge. Their fascinators all elevated their already smart outfits just that step further to mark the occasion. The elegant lady on the steps with the beautifully fitted lace gown opted for the veiled Belle to complete her look. The lady in the Ian Stuart gown sported this bespoke pill box base veiled bridal fascinator to perfection, just the perfect balance of elegance and sass. Finally the lady with the tiered dress married at a beautiful country house in New Zealand, proving fascinators really can be worn successfully anywhere.


I love the sheer variety of brides I get to meet in this line of work, every one is different. I don’t conform to the business rules that dictate to my niche customer, I want every customer to be able to live their dream and play a part in helping them. The lady on the carousel opted for an Odette feather fascinator to wear in front of her short veil, perfect for her fun and colourful celebration. The lady in period costume happened to be an old school class mate. She wanted a sumptuous elaborate fascinator for her carnival themed wedding in Venice (she fell in love with the place when we both visited on an A level art history study week). I wish I had a colour image to share as they were magnificent. The other two ladies opted for the Papillon butterfly fascinator, from my millinery collections, remember any of these can be adapted to bridal, not just those in my bridal collections. Both their days scream fun, individuality and joy.


H’mm I hear you say, not strictly a category but bear with me.

Ok, so I need a catch all. These ladies really have very little in common, except to say they are brides who have their own clear identities and personalities and for whom wearing a bridal fascinator was the perfect choice.

Joanna had a bespoke headpiece made from off cuts of her bespoke gown with floral motifs to reflect her dress detailing.

This stunning bride in Brazil opted for a full and lavish fascinator, the light fabrics kept is wearable and balanced the voluminous ruffled skirt on her tiny frame.

The feathered headband oozed vintage style for the bride on the vintage bus, her wedding was at one of my teenage haunts, up on the hill tops above the RIpponden valley, it’s had a serious face lift since my Saturday nights there.

Navy blue feathers to compliment Sophie’s navy blue feather wrap and midnight navy gown for her intimate autumnal lake district wedding were just enough.

The veilied Belle with the traditional strapless gown demonstrates perfectly that a tiara and veil aren’t the only option, the fullness of the fascinator reflecting beautifully the fullness of the skirt.

Last but by no means least this stylish London bride selected a statement bespoke fascinator to complete her look. The exquisite lace and detailing in her dress would have been lost under a veil but the scale of the wedding demanded something that made an impression.

Well, I think it’s about time to wrap this post up, I’ll share some of my website designs in a further post but if you want to have a nosy in the mean time please do!

Until next time!

Harriet x