Boho Babe Collection, exquisite romantic hair accessories

BOHO BABE - Designed For The Modern Boho Bride

I’m excited to introduce the new “Boho Babe” collection.  This is perfect if you are seeking a timeless romantic hair embellishment, pieces that provide a wide flexible range of styling options and are easy and comfortable to wear. You may have seen one of the designs before (an early hit), it’s been lurking for a while awaiting it’s companion pieces, I glad to be able to share it officially now

by Harriet Feb 19


So where did the idea come from? Hair vines aren’t new. I won’t even try and pretend otherwise. I’ve created them in a couple of past collections, these are a little softer and more subtly elaborate. These pieces aren’t so much about being a statement all of their own, rather they’ve been designed to complement beautifully dressed hair, luscious lace dresses and gently complete the bridal look. They’ve been designed to be worn flexibly. You could re position after removing a veil or changing your look daytime to evening. If you want hair accessories that are visible but not going to overwhelm you then these are perfect for you.

THE DESIGNS – Romantic hair vines & hair pins

The collection as designed, is created with a range of Swarovski crystals and pearl, seed beads, porcelain flowers, fabric flowers, glass pearls and dainty filigrees. Should you wish the colours can be changed to your requirements, (materials permitting) or mounted on a headband so that they can be worn in short hair. Matching hair pins mean that you can dress a loose plait with pins in addition to a vine, or your bridesmaids could wear the matching pins. One of the pieces will event convert to a sort of bib necklace so you can wear it again after your wedding should you wish. There are samples of all the pieces available to try if you are unsure about your design choice.


This shoot was a completely new departure for me, working with new people, it felt a little strange spreading my wings but it wasn’t a scary move. I’d met the really lovely Catherine the photography wizard behind Boho Chic wedding photography a number of times, and I love her absolutely beautiful work. We’d chatted at length before the shoot and discovered a lot of shared passions for period costumes (particularly the 1930’s) and we’re both committed foodies.

Catherine introduced me to April Sky, a truly gorgeous strong, and beautiful lady. April was an all round star as both makeup artist and model (both her professions though mainly a make up artist). She’s based around Manchester and Cheshire and I can highly recommend her to brides in that area.

Other than that we kept things simple, we shot a few millinery pieces and the “Boho Babe” pieces in Catherine’s Yorkshire studio, and made time for a yummy lunch too (big thanks to Mr Boho Chic). It’s hard work but fun this business, though no where near as glamorous as the final pictures. It’s a world of pins, bull dogs clips, shivering or sweltering, light chasing, organised chaos but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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Until next time

Harriet x